Friday, March 30, 2012

Revival of romance in the Eternal City. Cristy and Guido.

La dolce vita. Cristy e Guido

It can be a bit tired children, but this trip will be forever. It was an experience so strong that not even describe and erase in any way.

So many pictures and so much history do not fit inside the mind. The moments of relaxation in the parks, squares and beautiful traditional stores, was truly a unique moment of their new life.

Their joy was unprecedented and their thoughts are perfectly suited for everything.

The most impressed by one another, a feeling that will not encounter anywhere else I think.

Their faces shine and beauty around, could not hide his true love was overflowing from within.

Definitely want to go back and reclaim this very rare romance that went through them without much thought.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Adele is creative nature.She always has a photo camera because no one knows where inspiration finds you :) 

Adele is 50 cm told. 

She's dress and shoes is cotton and jeans, shoes is removable.
Vivian was sewing with cotton and was painted with aquarelle colors. 

Adele (like all my dolls) is one of kind and sewing entirely by hand without the sewing machine. 

Vivie (Vivian)

She's name is Vivian and she is 50 cm told. 

Like every little girl she like flowers, fluffy dolls, books with big coloring pictures and animals 

She's dress and shoes is cotton and handmade lace, jacket and hat is mohair.

Vivian was sewing with cotton ( entirely by hand without the sewing machine) and was painted with acrilic and aquarelle colors. hair is mohair. bunny is fleece. 

Vivian is one of a kind doll (like all my dolls)