Friday, April 29, 2011

I am proud to present you this sweet girl.

 I do not know her name, she decided that her name would give a new mom. :)

Girl very soft, it is very nice to hug and kiss her :).

it is completely crocheted. eyes are made from Fimo and painted. feet and hands are made of fleece. details of the person felted

for more photo goes to my flickr
you can buy her on my etsi
or on my dawanda


  1. Marina, your animals are fantastic!
    I know they are going to sell! You have to have a little patience, when I started on Dawanda and Etsy it took time before I sold my dolls.
    You have a very own style and I'm sure when the people discover your shop, they are going to love it!
    χαιρετισμούς από την Ολλανδία

  2. Hay,

    What a lovely wonder.
    I like your blog.
    I follow your blog.
    Please take a look at my blog.


  3. Marijke

    Thank you very much for your kind words! glad to get acquainted! you're doing magic toys!


  4. Oh Marina, she is a little miracle! I totally love her and her beautiful face! Piggnigg would take her in a heart beat :O)

    Have a magical weekend with lotsa sun and fun!
    Bear hugs, Biene

  5. thank you a lot for your beautiful words!good and fun weekend to you too :)