Saturday, May 18, 2013

Concert of Depeche Mode in Sofia !

Sunday, the 12th May. My birthday, my ticket, and the bus for us to go to Sofia to watch my favorite band, the Depeche Mode !

After a beautiful trip, we arrived in the beautiful capital of Bulgaria.

The center quite beautifully decorated with many historical figures who got an impression.

As we are still in the street, intrigued me one paved courtyard with tables and I wanted to go there because I had to eat something ...

All right then, and the fact that we waited so many days, begins....

Difficult to describe the feelings of such a great time eagerly so long.

The show was unique! We danced, sang, shouted, in this unforgettable evening!

The strength of the artists are worthy of respect. The scene is huge and spectacular that rolled our eyes and we lived the glory.

In three years, God first, do not want to miss the next tour with anything. It was a wonderful evening and I suggest you go if it suits you, and you will remember. Such events do not have to leave. 
Yeah, that's right!


  1. Как здорово!!! У меня тоже день рождение 12 мая!!!:))) Поздравляю!!! И я люблю эту музыку!!!

    1. поздравляю вас с прошедшим ДР!
      это был самый лучший праздник за прошедший 31 год)) мы с мужем оооочень давно мечтали попасть на их концерт!

  2. Поздравляю!!! Хорошо, когда мечты осуществляются, и спасибо тем людям,которые этому способвстуют!